Intravenous MicroNutrient Therapy for Gastric Bypass Patients

When people who read my blog email me, they typically ask what they can do immediately to improve their nutrient deficiency. One of the procedures that I do that helps me maintain healthy nutrient levels is Intravenous MicroNutrient Therapy (IMNT). The most known of these is called the Myer’s Cocktail which was first created by Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who developed this process to treat his patients for a variety of conditions.  Dr. Alan Gaby, President of the American Holistic Medical Association, took over Dr. Myers patients after his death and has helped to popularize this treatment.

The contents of the basic Myer’s cocktail is magnesium, calcium, B12, B6, B5, B-complex, and Vitamin C.  My doctor customizes my treatment by adding selenium, zinc and a multi-trace mineral to the cocktail.   The cocktail can be administered via IV drip or IV push. I get the IV push. The procedure costs me $45 per treatment.

I started out with the first IMNT and then did another treatment one week later.  Now I go every 2-4 weeks depending on how I feel. When I received the first treatment she cautioned that I may notice a vitamin taste in my mouth during the procedure, but I felt nothing. However, during the next treatment a week later I could taste the vitamins almost immediately. My doctor explained that this was a sign that I was much more deficient the first time than the second.

The procedure can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but not painful. The injection must be done slowly. If it injected too quickly there is an uncomfortable pressure at the injection site. The needle is placed into the vein. The needle is connected to this very large syringe full of the nutrient solution by a long thin piece of tubing. The contents are then slowly injected. Like I wrote earlier, depending on your level of deficiency, you may or may not get this vitamin taste in your mouth right away. There is also a very warm flushing that comes over you caused by the magnesium sulfate solution (but goes away after the treatment is complete). The entire process takes 15-20 minutes. It is recommended that you arrive for this treatment very well hydrated.  I didn’t feel much improvement right away, but the next morning I was very peppy and in a great mood.

There aren’t very many studies regarding this process and gastric bypass patients. Most of the information I found was regarding patients that have been struggling with cancer related issues or fibromyalgia.

I have found this therapy a welcome adjunct to my daily supplement regimen. I feel this therapy provides me with that “cushion” of nutrients to cover for those days when I haven’t taken my supplements. I would also recommend this therapy as a jumpstart for those gastric bypass patients who have identified that they are experiencing extreme symptoms of nutrient deficiency and don’t want to wait for the daily oral supplements to take effect.



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10 responses to “Intravenous MicroNutrient Therapy for Gastric Bypass Patients

  1. Is this a procedure performed by your surgeon or can a typical PCP set it up? Sounds like something I’d be interested in talking to my doc about!

    • Most doctors know very little about nutrient therapy and this isn’t something typically done by traditional PCP’s or surgeons. I told my doctor that I was doing this therapy. She was very supportive about it, but admitted she knew very little about nutrients. I don’t know what state you are in, but if you go to you can find a list of doctors in your state. You can also look for centers that treat fibromyalgia, cancer, and HIV as this treatment is often used to help with symptoms of those conditions. Good luck.

  2. Interesting – where can I go to get this done? I live in Minnesota

    • You are fortunate to live in the same state that Joan Mathews Larson operates her practice (Health Recovery Center). Her book was one of the ones that helped me so much. Each state regulates Naturopathic doctors differently. In Utah where I live, Naturopathic doctors are licensed and able to perform IV treatments. That isn’t so for every state. You should look for Orthomolecular doctors, check your state for Naturpathic doctors and centers that treat Fibromyalgia, Cancer or HIV. This treatment is often used for those conditions. Here is a list of orthomolecular doctors in Minnesota from

      Andreas Moritz
      75 West Point Avenue
      Tonka Bay, MN USA
      Phone: (952) 470-9741
      Fax: (952) 470-9741
      Type of Practitioner: Medical Intuitive Practitioner of Ayunveda, Nutrition, Shiatsu and Vibrational Medicine

      Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D..
      Health Recovery Center
      3255 Hennepin Avenue S
      Minneapolis, Mn 54048 USA
      Phone: (612) 827-7800
      Fax: (800) 554-1948
      Type of Practitioner: Ph,D. Nutritionist
      Type of Treatments: Orthomolecular treats alcohol addiction

      Ronald T. Petit, M.S.
      Donna Tveten, OTR
      Afton Alternative Associates
      16455 20th Street South
      Suite B
      Lakeland, MN 55043 USA
      Phone: (651) 436-3845
      Type of Practitioner: Occupational Therapist, Professional Counselor
      Type of Treatments: Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Brain Gym, Movement Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Strength Education

      Jonathan Williams
      Darell Shaffer

      The Centre for Mental Health Solutions
      2000 South Plymouth Rd Suite 220
      Minnetonka, MN 55305 USA
      Phone: (952) 922-6916
      Fax: (952) 922-3412
      Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Internist, Psychiatrist, Holistic Medical Doctor (Dr. Charles Weisman)
      Type of Treatments: Energy medicine, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, ear candling, colonic, Healing touch, full laboratory services and testing, chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and many others.

      Dr. Jonathan Williams
      Dr. Darell Shaffer

      The Centre for Mental Heath Solutions
      2000 South Plymouth Road, Suite 220
      Minnetonka, MN 55305 USA
      Phone: (952) 922-6916
      Fax: (952) 922-3412
      Type of Practitioner: Chiropractic Internist, Psychiatrist, Holistic Medical Doctor (Dr. Charles Weisman)
      Type of Treatments: Energy medicine, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, colored light, ear candling, colonic, healing touch, aromatherapy, chiropractic, (see more below in other notes).

      Steven Sonmore, L.Ac., OBT
      Complete Oriental Medical Care
      5841 Pleasant Avenue S
      Minneapolis, MN 55419 USA
      Phone: (612) 866-4000
      Type of Practitioner: Licensed Acupuncturist
      Type of Treatments: Acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Oriental massage, dietary therapy

  3. Thank you for blogging again. I happened upon your site through research about bariatric surgery and was disappointed to find that you had not blogged in quite some time. I hope you continue to blog because your information is interesting and well-written.

    • Sorry about that. I’m also studying for my engineering PE exam, but I will certainly do better. Thank you so much for your interest. If you notice a period of time that I haven’t blogged in a while, please nudge me again!

  4. So it’s not like you’re busy. Got it. 😉

    Good luck on your exam. I enjoy your writing but I’d enjoy you doing well on your exam even better. Take care!

  5. Lisa, would it be possible for me to get in touch with you by email? I am very interested in the issues you raise.

  6. Christine

    Is this something that maybe covered under Health Insurance?

  7. You would have to check with your specific plan. If you were able to get your medical doctor to prescribe it, perhaps so. The way I do it, I put money away in my “Flex Account” which in my state is my health savings account, that I can use to pay for things that are health related but are not covered by insurance. So, I have my doctor prescribe my vitamins and I pay for them out of my Flex account. It’s still my money, but it’s pre-tax money. I don’t know if this helps much. The IV treatment costs $45-$65 depending on whether she adds the glutathione or not. We joke and call it “dessert”.

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